Pics2Book Help Guide

Installing your Pics2Book Software

Opening Screen

Creating a Photobook

Easy Photo Book Wizard

Quick tour of Photobook workspace

Adding Images – Loading Images into your image browser

Image Browser – Page Layouts, Backgrounds, Picture Borders & Templates (Page 1)

Image Browser – Page Layouts, Backgrounds, Picture Borders, Templates (Page 2)

Editing toolbar

Editing options (Page 1)

Editing options (Page 2)

Saving your photobook for printing (Page 1)

Saving your photobook for printing (Page 2)

Saving your print file to bring in-store (Page 1)

Saving your print file to bring in-store (Part 2)

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11 Responses to “Pics2Book Help Guide”

  1. karen says:

    they told me at Digitial Hyde Park to check for updates on my software. How do I do that.


  2. Hendrik says:

    What is the latest date that I can forward the file to you to have it back before Christmas (24 December 2010)



    • admin says:

      Hi Hendrik,

      We would like to ensure that we make as many of you happy as possible at this time of year. To avoid complications and delays please have your completed file to us 10 working days before Christmas, the 10th December.
      If you are having any timing issues please contact us and we will try to make a plan for you.

      We look forward to receiving your book.

      The pics2book team

  3. Koos van Wyk says:

    How and where do I save a partly created book and where did I find this partly created book to continue working on my book.
    Koos van Wyk

    • admin says:

      Hi Koos

      You will open this partly created book in the software. Once you begin working, you will need to save throughout the design process (file > save)
      When you close the program and wish to work on the project at a later stage it will be saved on your computer but will only be readable through the pics2book software.
      Please let us know if you are still struggling.

  4. Liezl says:


    I can’t download the software. Please send me a copy.

    L. Bester
    Vredekloof square nr.157
    Welgelee street

  5. Liezl says:


    I still have not received the CD, but I’ll ask my husband to pick on up at your shop.


  6. liezl says:

    Hi. Please re-send cd. I wasn’t able to pick it up at your store. thx

  7. arleen says:

    Hi there!
    A photobook seems like an awesome gift idea for a photography student friend of mine. Can one buy a voucher for her so she can make up her own book?


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